Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seperate Telengana, KCR and Politics

I dont even feel worth commenting on a person like KCR. All i have say to all Supporters of Telangana is if you think Politicians like KCR,Kaka and VH would solve all the problems of Telangana region then a sepearate state of Telangana is more than welcome. I Grew up in Telangana and i can proudly say never we had any regional feeling for that matter i did even know still i was in 10th that there was a movement for seperate Telangana in the past which really surprised me and didnt make sense because of my innocence.
Congress which ruled the country for 50+ yrs could not develop the region or solve any problems in the region and now people believe when Telangana becomes a state the same congress would miraculously solve all the problems. If Telangana becomes a reality one thing is for sure that Congress will rule the state for the foreseeable future.
There is just one other thing i would like to mention is anyone who has reasonable exposure to the history would rarely find an instance where two regions would come together and form a country or state. It is very easy to seperate or create violence but creating unity and peace is a rarity which is possible only from a noble, selfless human beings like Mahatma Gandhi(i hate to use the word G.. in his name because of present G.. generation).
Hope we have a violent free solution to this problem. If the state of Andhra Pradesh there is no point is asking is it good for AP and blogging about it.

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  1. What is good for AP?
    Wife wants divorce but husband is reluctuant about divorce and he wants to continue the marriage
    Wife : Husband beats me daily ?
    Husband: wants to continue marriage
    Wife : says he is not speaking about domestic voilence
    Truly I donot have any facts about domestic voilence or else I would have submitted.
    Continuing marriage word looks good for wise people
    So my Question who has to sacrifice more to continue marriage
    I assume a logical person can say it’s the husband who at least should try to pacify the wife by saying I will do this and that ….
    People think Separate telagana as divorce and united andhra pradesh as continuing marriage.
    United andhra people are against culprit KCR, but they are supporting lagadapati . For me KCR and Lagadapati two faces of same coin, one is doing corruption in the name of separate and other in the name of united andhrapradesh . What difference does it make to you if you murdered by accident or intentionally any way you are dead .
    Where were all these Andhra ,Seema and Telagana leaders when karnataka was building almatti which effected andhra and seema and babli which effected telagana. No body questions ?
    As you mentioned about gandhiji , I want to say one thing he always said power should be distributed equally,Can you show me one instance atleast in andhrapradesh where power was distributed equally among all castes and regions , if congress comes in to power people say its again Reddys and if TDP comes its choudarys What is there to be gained by the SC, ST and weaker sections in uinited andhrapradesh. Did all reddys got benifited by congress and same way Choudarys during tdp regime , if any body thinks yes then I think you should support separate state since some people think even if congress or tdp comes to power its all andhra leaders.
    Differences can be made only by sharing power for reasons look any site which talks about panchayat raj system.
    All Andhra and seema leaders are saying united andhra and continuing the hunger strike for the same reason, as per the media and news papers its only telagana leaders are power hunger so its good opprtunity for andhra and seema leaders with the help of indian governement to pass a ordinance to keep andhra pradesh united and for the next 40 years it will telagana born dalit as CM (which ever party it may be?). Do you think even in dream leaders not from congress atleast from tdp can make such act .