Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seperate Telengana, KCR and Politics

I dont even feel worth commenting on a person like KCR. All i have say to all Supporters of Telangana is if you think Politicians like KCR,Kaka and VH would solve all the problems of Telangana region then a sepearate state of Telangana is more than welcome. I Grew up in Telangana and i can proudly say never we had any regional feeling for that matter i did even know still i was in 10th that there was a movement for seperate Telangana in the past which really surprised me and didnt make sense because of my innocence.
Congress which ruled the country for 50+ yrs could not develop the region or solve any problems in the region and now people believe when Telangana becomes a state the same congress would miraculously solve all the problems. If Telangana becomes a reality one thing is for sure that Congress will rule the state for the foreseeable future.
There is just one other thing i would like to mention is anyone who has reasonable exposure to the history would rarely find an instance where two regions would come together and form a country or state. It is very easy to seperate or create violence but creating unity and peace is a rarity which is possible only from a noble, selfless human beings like Mahatma Gandhi(i hate to use the word G.. in his name because of present G.. generation).
Hope we have a violent free solution to this problem. If the state of Andhra Pradesh there is no point is asking is it good for AP and blogging about it.