Sunday, September 27, 2009

Future of Congress in AP

Thanks for the response with my previous post, i still believe the chances that a lady CM and specially some one like Purandeshwari can be picked by Sonia is high. Anyhow now let us focus of future of congress in different scenarios and its impact on state.

If Jagan becomes Chief minister

The possibility of some big shots (dont like to mention the name) to split the congress in long term still exists if Jagan becomes Chief Minister as he may not give as much freedom as they would like to have. In the event of Jagan becoming the CM the congress would surely weaken and the probability of them ruling the AP as a single party in future is dim.

Is case Jagan does not become Chief Minister.
Let hypothetical assume Jagan does not become CM and Sonia declare a Lady as new CM. That way not many can revolt against the first Lady CM of AP(Women card). The intention of congress in center to have more control of State Congress would be successful to some extent but may harm State congress and obviously the congress as a whole.

If Mr Rosaih continues for 4 yrs
This is most unlikely but if this happens the congress party would surely and slowly get back to it groupism politics and would hurt congress in long term. He may be experienced but he has a bad mouth who can forget the kind of unruly and undignified words he used to speak when Chandrababu was CM.

It would still be interesting to see what TRS would fit in this equations.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Purandeshwari next CM of Andhra Pradesh

All of us are aware of all the fuss going on in Andhra Pradesh for the next Chief Minister.
Based on the history of Sonia Gandhi decisions in the past. It is nothing but easy to guess that who would be the next chief minister. The reason the name of Purandeshwari is kept under wraps is clear that she is the front runner.
Advantages of selecting her:
  1. Sonia would love to be the take credit for making the first women CM of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Would keep Chandrababu Naidu in a difficult position.
  3. Would keep Eenadu in a difficult situation.
  4. She is a Capable leader which was clearly exhibited in her stinct as Union Minister
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Consequences of YSR death

As mentioned in my previous blog even though i hatted him for his cunning politics and indecent behaviour towards his fellow people. I feel bad for the way he lived and way he died as a fellow human being. I dont think it does any good to Andhra Pradesh.
Because of his death congress would take maximum advantage of it.

Making YS Jagan Chief Minister- not good

Death of YSR

Even though i dont like him it was sad to hear and see the incident, and the way he was killed. None would have expected this kind of death for the Tiger of cuddappah.

YSR winning the 2009 election

All andhra voters even those who didnt vote for congress were happy with the result that Congress was able to form the Govt as this has strengthed United Andhra pradesh and avoided all the unneccesary rhetoric of telangana. Had TDP come to power we would heard a lot about the telangana even though it would not have formed as TRS does not want the state but the issue to be alive. I felt like what ever god has done had to do it for overall good.